Fake News and Truth: Levinas’ on the Responsibility to One’s Being


  • Jerome D. Requidan Department of Language and Literature, Far Eastern University, Manila


Ethics of the Face, Fake News, Language, Responsible Journalism, Threat, Violence


The threat posed by the proliferation of fake news today is a growing concern. It has been successful in manipulating minds into believing that which it seeks to advance. While many who are on the side of responsible journalism make great efforts to combat it, the phenomenon still thrives and continues to be a weapon of value for those who benefit from it. This paper seeks to shed light on the dangers of the same phenomenon in the light of Levinas' philosophy. It is an attempt to draw attention to the dangers of fake news in leading one away from the truth of one’s being

Author Biography

Jerome D. Requidan, Department of Language and Literature, Far Eastern University, Manila

Assoc. Prof. Jerome D. Requidan is a faculty of the Department of Language and Literature at the Far Eastern University, Manila. He has been with the said institution for 20years, teaching various Philosophy courses in the undergraduate programs. He underwent the seminary formation at the Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary, where he completed Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, and pursued Bachelor in Sacred Theology at the Immaculate Conception School of Theology. He received a Certificate on Sacred Liturgy at the Paul VI Institute of Liturgy. He finished his Master of Arts in Philosophy at the University of Santo Tomas and is currently writing his dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D. Major in Philosophy at De La Salle University.