The Concept of Pavvurulun towards a Filipino Act of Philosophizing


  • Wilson C. Pagulayan, Jr. Department of Social Sciences/CDCAS
  • Rez Janroe S. Bautista Department of Social Sciences/CDCAS


Experience, Language, Participation, Self and the Other


This paper explores the significance of Pavvurulun as an identity among the Ibanags toward Filipino philosophy. By merely establishing a well-founded interpretation on our own language and relating to the Philippine setting in the modern situation, by uplifting the spirit of human relationship among other individuals would generally motivate one to reflect on his own consciousness. The method used in the paper is historico-analytic, phenomenological and metalinguistic similar to the approach of Dr. Leonardo Mercado, who is one of the pioneers of Filipino philosophy.  Hence, this paper attempts to figure out the Ibanag’s way of understanding the human practices in pavvurulun. In the most progressive aspect to bridge the gap among minoritized individual that would enable them to participate in a dialogue, the researchers used the perception of the Ibanags in their way of understanding “pavvurulun” as a tool for philosophical reflection. “Pavvurulun”, synonymous to the Tagalog term, “pakikisama” or pakikipag-kapwa” and Ilokano term “pakikaddwa” or paki-geyem”. It has its deeper meaning because it does not simply show concern, respect and care for the other person but more on philosophical identity of Oneness amongst Ibanags. This simply means that “Pavvurulun” connotes the intimacy of relationships which is being nurtured by two or more individual person who are both willing to sacrifice for their significant others and ready to surrender for their individuality for the sake of the other.   

Author Biographies

Wilson C. Pagulayan, Jr., Department of Social Sciences/CDCAS

WILSON C. PAGULAYAN, JR. is a graduate of AB Philosophy and AB Legal Studies at the University of Saint Louis, Tuguegarao City. He finished his Master of Arts in Philosophy at the University of the Philippines, Diliman and currently taking his Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy at Saint Louis University, Baguio City.

He is an instructor at Isabela State University, Cabagan Campus where he teaches Philosophy, general education subjects and law related studies.

Rez Janroe S. Bautista, Department of Social Sciences/CDCAS

REZ JANROE SARANGAY-BAUTISTA is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with units in management at Our Lady of the Visitation Seminary, Isabela. He also finished Bachelor of Science degree major in Psychology with units in accounting and is currently finishing his master’s degree in the same field at Saint Paul University. He is also pursuing Master of Arts in Education major in Guidance and Counseling in the same university.

He is currently a Full-Time Instructor at Isabela State University, Cabagan Campus where he teaches Philosophy, General Education and other Social Science related courses. He is a member of various academic organizations where he attends various seminars and trainings for his professional advancement along his field of expertise.